Watch and Pray

Persecuted Pastors

The Voice of the Martyrs directly supports 217 pastors in Colombia who refuse to hide from potential danger. These pastors, who minister in conflict-laden areas of Colombia, are not interested in relocating to safer zones. VOM’s PSP (Participating with Strategic Partners) program enables them to stay and minister where God has called them.

In the past year, VOM has provided literature and conferences for these pastors. They are often bi-vocational — working full time to support themselves along with being a pastor — and have limited time and access to study tools. Through VOM-distributed literature, these pastors have resources that enhance their ability to shepherd their congregations. Through the conferences, the pastors can share stories of persecution and encourage each other.

Pray that God will grant persecuted pastors courage and wisdom as they serve others. Pray that churches will grow under these faithful shepherds, despite the persecution they might experience.