Watch and Pray

Persecuted Christians in Vocational Programs

The Christian women at these VOM-sponsored sewing schools receive one year of technical and spiritual training. Upon completion of the training, they are given a sewing machine to help them support themselves financially.

Naima, one of the women who benefited from this program, is a Christian convert from Islam who was persecuted by her own family. As a teenager, her brother administered weekly beatings, and her family locked her in her room for a month before she was able to escape.

The Voice of the Martyrs learned of Naima through our expanding network of volunteers in Pakistan. VOM helped Naima get involved in a healing prayer ministry, provided her with rent and living expenses, and enrolled her in sewing and literacy classes.

Pray that The Voice of the Martyrs’ networks continue to grow in countries like Pakistan so that we may reach more persecuted Christians than ever before. Pray for creativity in developing these programs for persecuted Christians.