Watch and Pray

Christian Refugees

About 65 percent of those living in South Sudan have no access to clean water. Thanks to God’s providence, The Voice of the Martyrs has constructed water wells in Jaac, an area plagued by dehydration, illness and death.

Aluet, an 8-year-old orphan, is responsible for her 1-year-old brother, Garang. Aluet walked for two days to reach the refugee camp set up by VOM partners. They offered her both physical water and the living water promised by Jesus Christ. VOM supports the construction of water wells in Jaac and shares the love of Christ with refugees.

Please pray for children like Aluet and Garang, who have lost everything. Pray for families suffering in South Sudan because of their association with the Christian faith. Pray that God’s love and comfort will penetrate the darkness in this region and provide refugees with relief from violence and loss.